custom home/ pre-designed collection

Quality Over Quantity

At Bellevue, we believe in quality over quantity.

To achieve this, we limit the number of homes we build each year to ensure that each and every one of our projects receives the highest attention and quality service.

We only engage with tradespeople, partners, and suppliers who meet our rigorous standards. Our longstanding relationships with our partners guarantee consistent quality workmanship on-site. 

Building Lasting Relationships

Not only do we focus on the quality of our builds, we focus on establishing strong and enduring relationships with our clients, and from this we had have the honour of numerous clients choosing to trust us and work with us repeatedly.

Our Pre-Designed Collection

Taking inspiration from across the globe, our collection of luxury home designs ranges from contemporary to classic Hampton and everything in between.

We’re beyond excited to share and build our latest facades and designs, and  you can be sure that we have poured our hearts into every detail.

Our Recent Project