Why Should you chose sustainable living solutions by bellevue?

Bellevue is a registered and licensed builder with QBCC

Bellevue is a registered and licensed builder in Queensland with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC). This gives our clients additional comfort and reassurance they are dealing with a reputable builder who adheres with current and future building standards. 

Multi award winning builder HIA & Master Builder awards

Bellevue is a multi-award winning builder of both Master Builders’ and Housing Industry Association (HIA) awards, winning several awards in the South-East Queensland region, as well as in the State awards. These are awarded annually to the best constructions in the relevant categories by the recognised building industry bodies, and we are proud to have been the recipient of multiple awards. 

Built locally using Brisbane based suppliers and trades

Our growing team of experienced tiny house builders produce our tiny houses from scratch using efficient processes, expert craftsmanship and high-quality materials – right here in Brisbane.

Tailor-made tiny homes that fits your needs and budget

Elegantly designed tiny spaces show you don’t need a lot of square meterage to make your space shine. Whatever your specific needs are, we can custom design a plan for you and possibly build a tiny home for you.

We choose to use the best materials, fixtures, fittings, appliances, and technology we can find on all our designs. From trailer chassis fabrication to stone benchtops, each home is a labour of our love, built to the highest standard of workmanship.

Take a look at our standard tiny house designs for inspirations or ideas to create your own small space. 

Utmost Quality & Craftsmanship

Our commitment to using the highest quality products ensures that your new tiny home will not only be built to last, but it will also provide you with a comfortable and safe living solution. Say goodbye to compromising on quality or breaking the bank with our affordable yet top-notch tiny homes. Live the dream of minimalistic living without sacrificing on the luxury you deserve.

Local Authority requirements and approvals

Each local council or government area has their own rules and regulations in relation to tiny homes. Most of the time you do not need a planning permit to buy, build or own a tiny home, however it i sbest to check with your council as to what their requirements may be. You may require permission to connect services or to live in your tiny home for an extended period of time. We can assist with obtaining the relevant approvals where required. 

Most of our tiny houses come as standard with a standard flush toilet. We can arrange for a professional certifier, engineers, town planners like to assist with your site requirements. Alternatively where you do not wish to be connected to a normal services, greener/sustainable options are available (i.e., install and supply waterless composting toilets that do not require a plumber on site or any connection).

Electrical, water and sewerage connections

Our standard tiny houses run on a 15amp mains power with a safety switchboard, which allows it to be plugged in using an electrical power lead. In most cases, you won’t need an electrician on site to connect. A solar system can also be installed at an additional cost, or this can be added at a later stage.

Our tiny houses come standard with a standard garden hose plug connection. Alternatively, we can offer rainwater storage tanks and pumps allowing you to go off grid. All homes come with gutters, but please note that they are not installed due to dimensions restrictions when on the road.

All our tiny homes have either natural gas or gas regulator (taking 2 x LPG gas bottles) as standard and depending on which option is required a gas fitter may be required at additional cost.

Off-Grid solutions

As noted above, we have many “off grid” solutions that can be added to your design. We offer solar system packages that are designed to run your entire house (not only lights) – this includes air conditioning systems, a composting toilet options, gas water heating system and gas appliances, rainwater storage tanks, pumps, grey water systems and water filters as an additional cost.

Composting toilets nowadays are very complex and effective systems. There is absolutely no odour in a bathroom containing a waterless composting toilet (even less than what you encounter with a normal flushing toilet!) Our recommended composting toilets use low-wattage ventilation systems to draw toilets odours down the pedestal, through the composting chambers, and out an external vent pipe above your dwelling, leaving your toilet room completely odour free.

Delivery assistance

We have partnered up with a reputable and reliable towing company that delivers Australia-wide.

This service fully insures your tiny home from our factory to your doorstep. Please note that delivery is an additional cost.